Lifestyle & Wedding Photography

Picking a photographer for your portraits or wedding is more than a decision on value. It’s finding a photographer who wants to understand your vision and can bring their own artistic creativity and skills to create a collaboration. I don’t want you to think of it as hiring a photographer so much as commissioning your own piece of photographic art. I’m a Spartanburg photographer interested in cultivating your story, so you can display an image that’s undeniably you.

Be Uniquely You

Portraits can be so much more than smile-and-say-cheese. Creating something to stand out means breaking those old standards, forming an image which is more reflective of who you are. This enables you to have an image which portrays you in a unique light, setting your image apart from the same old photos you see on social media and old family albums. Making a portrait worthy of your wall involves collaborating on an overall artistic vision of who you want to be, how you want to portray yourself, and getting a touch of your personality into your photos.

Quality from the Heart

Adding passion and emotion to your images allows you to have a keepsake worth keeping. Crafting your keepsake involves more than knowing how to operate a camera. Finding the vision for your images involves getting down to a personal level. What are your dreams? Your passions? How do you see yourself? These are the images you want to have, the way you want to see yourself and be remembered.

Stand Out

You deserve to own a portrait that is made to be seen, not to blend into the wallpaper. To do this, your portrait must break the mold of what we’ve accepted as the standard, to go beyond the ordinary. When you put a commonplace photo in a frame, it gets noticed once or twice before it blends into the scenery. That’s not the value you should come to expect out of your portraits. They should absolutely stand out, inviting people to look at it again and again like the piece of art it deserves to be.

Book Your Consultation Today!

Your consultation appointment is free and carries no commitment. I want you meet you, talk about what I can do for you as a photographic artist, and figure out how we can work together so you can have a piece worthy of your walls. But even moreso, I want you to meet me so that you can see if you feel comfortable with me as your photographer. So contact me today to set up a time and place for us to talk about what I can do for you.