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I like to consider myself a reformed pessimist. I’ve fought depression and reached the point where I can take a breath to reset myself. It’s a constant battle that everybody faces, to play down the inner voices of fear and shame and strive towards positivity. And there are things I’ve learned on the journey.


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I like to describe what I do as an art. A lot of people would disagree with me on that point, saying instead that photography is to art as a copying machine is to eyeballs. I can argue that art is in the intent, and that many visual arts are a representation of perception, and I can have it thrown back at me that photography is too vague, too reproducible, and too derivative to truly be art. It’s a debate I’ve had before, and one I’m sure to have again eventually. And it’s a debate I’ve watched one of my […]

The masks we use to hide our authenticity

Being Me: Pursuing Authenticity

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One of the most critical things any person can do is to have a sense of authenticity and self-ownership: to not only recognize the traits that define yourself, but also be willing to display those traits openly to a society which seems keen on wounding us. How far must we go in order to fit into a society that has such narrow expectations of us? How much of our individuality must we compromise?

Spartanburg South Carolina Geek Matt Sterling BLH Photography


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It’s becoming stylish to be a geek. When I attended the psychological trauma engine we refer to as middle school, the word “geek” accompanied wedgies, spitballs, and derisive laughs. But now, in the age where comic book movies are the big blockbusters, geek culture has become its own status symbol ― even though the internal strata of role-players, comic book fans, trekkies, and similar remain largely unchanged.


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Last year, I tried to help my daughter conquer the rite of passage which is riding a bicycle. While she was being scared and uncomfortable, I was becoming more and more frustrated. I was completely powerless, at the mercy of her fears, unable to inspire her to complete a task I knew she was capable of doing. Fear builds a consequence of failure which is greater than the consequences we actually face, making us think we’re stumbling off-balance along the volcano’s edge. It’s frustrating for everybody willing to help us because they can’t pluck the fearful thoughts from our minds. […]


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There’s a rumor I want to dispel. It’s not a rumor about me or my photography, or about you, or about any political figure. Instead it’s a very old rumor which has been repeated so often that it now passes by unchallenged, becoming accepted as general knowledge even though it’s completely wrong. The rumor is that Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Sometimes the rumor says it’s Franklin, or sometimes Twain, but not only did none of these people ever say such a thing, but […]

The Best Moments

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When I decided to start a photography business, I had a lot of questions. Most of them involved how to handle the legal and financial requirements every business faces. A few of them were about how I should market myself to my clients. But there was one question I knew I was going to be asked, and I already had an answer ready: I don’t shoot weddings. Not yet, at least. Let’s be honest here for a moment. Wedding photographers are expensive. For most weddings, the photographer needs to arrive early so they can start capturing the setup, preparations, and […]

My Brain Is Gunsmoke

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Hi there. I’ve been absent from the blog for far too long, going about my everyday life, and thinking that I deserved a little break after doing a bunch of work in September. I decided I could afford to put the camera away for a bit, chill out, relax. But things didn’t quite work out that way.