Coming soon…

The past year and a half has been difficult. I’ve been forced to close my studio doors, but that doesn’t mean I’m putting down the camera. Instead, I am moving forward with a narrowed focus on art and art prints. To accomplish this, I have a few categories of sales I intend to do.

Artist Prints

Artist prints will be available for unlimited purchase as long as they are in the store. These items are print-on-demand and will be shipped directly to your home after purchase. Different mediums and framing available.

Limited Prints

Limited prints are just that: prints limited to a run of 100. Each print will be available only in the medium stated, which will usually be a ready-to-hang metal print, signed and numbered by the photographer. Each limited print will include a certificate of authenticity

Exclusive Prints

Exclusive prints are runs limited to one image. Exhibition of exclusive prints will not be available online, and must either be purchased in-gallery or via private contact.