Getting Started: First Post

My name is Burnnie, and I am a photographer and writer.

If you’re looking at this page within a few weeks of it first getting posted, what you’re looking at is more or less the website equivalent of a nice big room with a bunch of unpacked moving boxes stacked in the corner. There’s a lot to consider. I’ve already changed the theme a half-dozen times. Which would be what, comparing paint swatches on the wall? Maybe. What you might be looking at now isn’t quite complete. Building out the framework of how I want this site to work is going to take time, and that’s something I don’t have very much of in between fatherhood and a full-time job. I need to get a few posts (like this one!) up and set up a bio page.

And add pictures. Photographer’s website: there should be pictures. There will be pictures. I think they’re in one of these boxes.

What you’re going to see here in the future is more than just a placeholder for advertising my writing business. I’ll be blogging about photography, writing, and some of the great locations available in upstate South Carolina and the surrounding areas. If you’re just dying to find out more about me or you want to set up a portrait session (I’m not doing weddings — not yet, anyways), please choose “About” in the above menu or just email me and I’ll get back to you.