Personality Portraits

Personality portraits are the thousand words that a picture is meant to be. After a planning session where I get to know you and the story you deserve to have told, the personality portrait begins to take form. What results is an image that does more than depict what you look like. It provides hints into your true authentic self. Let me help you tell your story.

Many people keep a great deal of separation between their personal and private lives. One of the many stories waiting to be told is how these two personas can hold a dual existence, one in pursuit of career, and one building personal hobbies and skills. A skillfull portrait can capture both of these worlds, putting them side-by-side in a way that shows that there’s more to you than what’s seen at first glance.

Your home deserves imagery to showcase not only the people you love, but the people who live there. When guests arrive to see original artwork featuring you and your family, they’ll be interested in your life and the reasons you’ve decided to portray yourself in those ways.

The artwork you commission for your own personal display can go on to become a visual legacy of who you are, handed down from generation to generation. You deserve to have great images showing yourself how you want to be seen, made with consideration and style. These pieces of art will be preferred to the millions of snapshots made from our phones every day. Stand out, and be unmistakably you.

Your investment of $500 includes a credit towards your wall art or album. You also receive a complimentary digital file for sharing online with each image you purchase. Contact me to schedule your appointment today!