Portraits are the driving purpose of BLH Photography. I want to create portraits which reflect the story of the people they represent. These are the individual stories which combine to create the society we live in. These portraits can serve to help each of us visualize the person we wish to be, and portray that to the world as an expression of self.

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Your portrait journey starts with a no-risk consultation. I would like to meet you and any other people you want to appear in your wall portrait or album so we can discuss a plan together.

Your booking fee of $200 reserves your morning or afternoon studio session. Before your session date, you will receive communication recapping our plan and any preparations you can make to ensure a great time together.

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Enjoy Your Session

I aim to make your studio session as enjoyable as possible, with music and refreshments provided throughout. I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed, and most of all, have fun! 

Meet me back at the studio so you can select and purchase your images. Each image purchased comes with a complimentary digital copy for sharing on social media.

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